Wakhal - About Us

Welcome to www.wakhal.com, this is a website for sharing ideas and information within the community members. This platform will focus to work with the following points into considerations:


To provide solutions for the current common problems which the community is facing today. Among the Collective Manipuri families, there are less than 10% families who can provide proper career guidance to their future generation. Over 90% of the young youths are left alone to their own faith. Our elderly generation does not have the updated information or knowledge themselves to guide their children despite willing to spend as much they can for the future of their child. www.wakhal.com is an initiative to provide a platform to bridge a communication between the community experienced elders and the young enthusiastic youths.


We aim to Provide a platform where updated information will be available to be referred by our own community youth to gain benefit and practical knowledge. We want to facilitate parental or big brother like support and guidance to the needy youth. Our main aim is to bring awareness of what is happening in the modern cities within India and abroad. If our new generation can find a way to be able to connect with our elders who have experienced and understood from their practical knowledge, then the youth can benefit a lot. If guidance is available to the needy youth when required, then it’s a benefit for the society.


It will be a collective effort of likeminded knowledgeable Manipuris who are in Manipur or any other Indian city or settled abroad. Our members will share their memorable stories and experiences that they feel worth sharing to our younger generation and our society.

www.wakhal.com will encourage and request the experienced Manipuris to share their stories, mistakes and secrets (if any) that has helped them to become a responsible person. We believe that such a story could not be found in any book to read and learn from.

Wakhal is a social community platform open to all Manipuris and those who are associated with Manipur. Through our platform, we would like to extend help to the needy and our future generation, so that Manipur makes its mark in the global scene.

We are open to ideas and suggestions. Please feel to write to us if you have any feedback for us at info at wakhal dot com